Vince: Erase another one from the chalkboard.
Frankie: We have a chalkboard?
Vince: We used to. It was very satisfying.

Frankie: You know where the name "Bling Bling" comes from.
Nina: The dictionary. That's all I got.

The gun didn't get him killed, but maybe the reason he was carrying a gun did.


Maura: You could ask her to stop.
Jane: And ask her to stop the other 100 things that made me go to a hotel?

Maura: You're here, dealing with the effects of a fire that destroyed all of your personal stuff, not to mention a lifetime of memories.
Jane: I lost 20 identical t-shirts.

Jane: They say we should learn to live with less.
Maura: Don't listen to 'they'.

For most parents, I think there is a significant degree of denial that has to be overcome as well as the guilt over having a child be such a person. I can't imagine.


Nina: Why would you do that?
Frankie: Do what?
Nina: Sneak in here like some kind of ninja?

Six months of therapy and there's not a single note about murder, violence or anger towards women.


You should have gone to law school.


I dunno. Stuff.


Two people in a room. One of them's dead. Who's the murderer?