Stop being Frankie Junior. You're not a kid anymore.


Frankie: I'm trying to avoid Kent.
Angela: Well if you keep dripping on my bar, you can avoid him outside.

We worked Charles Tate pretty hard. A guy who just lost his wife. I hate this part of the job.


When did you find out your wife had an affair?


This storm doesn't let up soon, I'm buying a bigger boat.


If she's not crazy, she's up to something.


Patients will come back to a hospital if they get an infection. That's to be expected. But nobody will go to a haunted hospital.

Hospital administrator

Multiple murders, a ghost killer... sounds like something I would have heard about.


You are looking for a ghost.


What is a patient doing in here? And where the hell is here?


Claire: I don't have anyone now.
Jane: You have me. I'm not going anywhere.

Claire: You're not supposed to talk to me.
Jane: Well, technically, you came over here to talk to me.