All right, what's wrong with you?


I don't want a new cactus. I like this one. It's a survivor.


What's wrong with different? Different is interesting. Exciting.


You think your life is never going to change and then one day it just does.


I'm gonna miss this when it's over.


So you can't talk about your case. Can you talk about yourself


Frankie: What was the falling out about?
Gang Unit Cop: I dunno. He made a grab for power, insulted someone's girlfriend or took the last stick of gum. You know, the usual crap.

I don't have time to be sick anyway. I have so much to do and a writing assignment on top of it.


VInce: Maybe we should talk about this down at the station where there are fewer distractions.
Lady: And maybe you should talk to my ASS!

Jane: Was it a drive-by?
Vince: More like gunfight at the OK Corral.

Jane: You don't have to use my mother's crazy home remedy just to be nice.
Maura: What is a lazy bone melody?

Maura: I was up late last night.
Angela: Working or dating?