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Yeah, dude. Don't punk the crackberry. She'll light your ass up like a Christmas tree.


Divya: You totally won me over, Dr. Jeremiah Sacani.
Dr. Sacani: Not totally......

Note to self, become a doctor.


(to Adam) When we kissed...I felt nothing except regret. I'm sorry.


Jill: So how does pizza and a shower sound?
Hank: Like the crust would get soggy.

Long night? Let me guess you were sleeping with the Enemily again.


Hank: Fashion is the vocabulary of kings.
Evan: Then you are wearing some very big words

I get it. Sometimes you have to do something crazy in order to do something wonderful.


Evan: Paige.
Paige: Evan.
Evan: I...love you. Big time.
Paige: I love you too.

Sometime I am amazed at how complicated I make things for myself.

Eddie R

Don't complain about the problem - fix it.

Eddie R

Hollister: But people do it all the time on Greys Anatomy.
Hank: Yes , but those people have desperate serious fake medical problems.

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