Yeah, dude. Don't punk the crackberry. She'll light your ass up like a Christmas tree.


Divya: You totally won me over, Dr. Jeremiah Sacani.
Dr. Sacani: Not totally......

Note to self, become a doctor.


Don't complain about the problem - fix it.

Eddie R

(to Jill) I miss you too.


Evan: Paige.
Paige: Evan.
Evan: you. Big time.
Paige: I love you too.

Evan: I need an Evan
Hank: So hire an Evan
Evan: I think Paige wants to be my Evan.

I guess you find strength and independence in the last place you want to look.


(to Divya) Think about Raj, what would Raj say if he lost you? Or does he have other wives?


New money settles problems with lawyers. Old money settles problems with cocktails.


(alighting a golf cart) Note to self -- get a car, preferably one with doors.


Guys, it seemed to me that it lived it's a candle in the wind.