Yeah, dude. Don't punk the crackberry. She'll light your ass up like a Christmas tree.


Divya: You totally won me over, Dr. Jeremiah Sacani.
Dr. Sacani: Not totally......

Note to self, become a doctor.


Don't complain about the problem - fix it.

Eddie R

I guess you find strength and independence in the last place you want to look.


Evan: I need an Evan
Hank: So hire an Evan
Evan: I think Paige wants to be my Evan.

She's crazier than Glenn Close on Easter.


Oh Hank, you can never fix the past.


Group hug right now. Golden Girls style.


Jill: So how does pizza and a shower sound?
Hank: Like the crust would get soggy.

He is so gonna rip the cape off her batman.

Evan [of Hank and Divya]

I try to kill something every day - even if it's just killing a bug.