Your destiny is important to me.


How does this bitch get a free pass and I get burned at the stake?


Cassie: You tried to steal my power.
Faye: You keep whining about how much you don't want your dark magic. I was doing you a favor.

Cassie: Hey, you're doing this, aren't you? Why do you have solo magic?
Faye: If you must know, I borrowed some of yours.

Lee: You are now open to receiving Cassie's energy. You will be tethered to her through this.
Faye: I can feel it.

Diana: No. Not impossible. We can't think that way. We're witches, dammit. We can get whoever we want.
Melissa: Because we're witches?
Diana: No. Because we're tough. And we're dressed kinda slutty.

Lee: Whose is it?
Faye: The little blonde one, Cassie.
Lee: Really? I guess you can't judge a book by it's lip gloss.

Adam: Diana, she thinks I need to figure out my feelings for Cassie.
Adam H: Do you? Have feeling for Cassie?
Adam: Yes. I felt a connection between us the first moment we met.

Jake was a witch hunter. And even if he started to question that, he chose to leave with them in the end.

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