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A name like Chip, you think you'd wanna defy the stereotype.

Karen: My baby was stolen by my mom and her developmentally delayed boyfriend.
Sheila: He's not my boyfriend.
Jody: I'm not?

It smells worse than a dead hooker's ass in there.


A little heavy on the botox and Chanel No. 5 but she's nice.

Debbie [about Steve's mom]

You dodged a fucking RPG getting tossed out by this one.

Lip [to Jody]

Karen this is my grandson. I'm not going to let you throw him out like used Kleenex.


Frank: She's fragile.
Fiona: She's broken.

Fiona: Christ V, I can't let him back into this madness.
Veronica: Isn't that his choice?

I'm where I need to be, okay?

Monica [to Frank]
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