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It's when you take your finger, and stick it down your asshole, and it makes you feel really good.

</i> Kenny

Randy: You know in a way I think I was even jealous of you being in a boy band. Isn't that stupid?
Stan: Not really. Not any more stupid than some of the other stuff you've done.

Stan: Dad, I like being in a boy band, I think it's interesting.
Randy: Well there's plenty of interesting things you can do. Have you ever tried marijuana?

Shelly: Mom, what's up dad's ass?
Sharon: It's a long story, Shelly. Let's just say you father has a lot up his ass right now.

Stan: Hey Cartman, what does 'fingerbang' mean anyway?
Cartman: I heard it on HBO; it means like, you know, when you pretend to use your finger like a gun or something.

Stan: Dude, we don't have any musical talent.
Cartman: That didn't stop any of the other boy bands, dumbass!

Well God, I guess you got me again, didn't you? Yeah, that was a good one, God. Hope it made you laugh, you sick bastard.

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