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Everybody loses everybody and then one day, boom. Your number's up. But at least you're making a difference. So enjoy it while it lasts because hunting is the only clarity you're going to find in this life.


Eliot: Let's kill that bastard because that...
Dean: Is the Chicago way.
Chicago way?
Eliot: Who talks like that.
Dean: Sean Connery.

Eliot: He's from the future.
Dean: Gas costs four bucks, you get cheese out of a spray can, and the president is a black guy. I could go on.

Does this mean that I'm an Untouchable now?


Sam: What's the plan here?
Dean: Don't die.

You gonna look at more anime or are you strictly into Dick now.


Sam: I can't believe I'm about to say this but, I hope your watching cartoon smut because reading Dick Roman crap over and over again is just self punishment.
Dean: It's called anime. And it's an art form.

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