I've been here for a very long time.


Well that's great, because without your power, you're basically just a baby in a trench coat.


Dean: You know what this means?
Bobby: Yea, I didn't get a "soulonoscpy" for nothing.

Sorry you have me confused with that other angel. You know the one in the dirty trench coat who is in love with you. I don't care.


I think she turned me into a Jefferson Starship.


Really? You're going to use the "mother of the year" defense?


Bobby: You discovered it. You get to name it.
Dean: Jefferson Starships. Huh? Because they're horrible and hard to kill.

You know who whines? Babies.


Well now it just looks like you're pooping.


Bobby: I asked for a computer.
Sam: It is a computer.
Bobby: A computer has buttons.

Dean: Cas, get out of my ass.
Castiel: I was never in your...

Marshal Eastwood. Clint, Eastwood. This here's Walker. He's a Texas Ranger.


Supernatural Season 6 Quotes

Sam: Huh.
Dean: Shut it.
Sam: I just said huh.
Dean: I just said shut it.

If the old man's Kermit, whose hand's up his ass?