So we bonded over our hatred of the sun and the ocean instead.

Alex [about Bay]

Toby: What's up with your hair?
Bay: I went island.

I think he's a phony.

Wilkie [about Emmett]

That hospital's been a lawsuit waiting to happen.


I think we both deserve one night free of drama, if that's even possible.

Bay [to Daphne]

You, drinking, no.

John [attempting to sign]

I guess you're just full of surprises.

Daphne [to Wilkie]

Angelo: They're treating me like a criminal.
Regina: You are a criminal.

One suggestion, just make sure you take a really hot author photo so Sara Lazar can suck it.

Regina [to Kathryn]

There was this whole childhood that I was supposed to have.


She's writing my story. I finally understand why you don't want me to tell yours.

Kathryn [to Regina]

You just don't tell a casual acquaintance something that personal. You just don't.