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I fixed one problem and I created a hundred others.


Isn't this what you wanted all along?

Adrianna [to Regina]

Just stop! I can't follow when you're all talking at once. You would think you would know that!


Relax Gina, it's not like we have to make up a story because we lived it.


I better go so you can tell your boyfriend about your husband.

Bay [to Regina]

I wasn't sure what you get your bio mom for marrying your bio dad so he doesn't get deported, and it wasn't exactly like you guys had a registry, but congratulations!


My boss got his citizenship by marrying a lesbian in Nashville, if they could get through their immigration interview we'll be fine.


Bay: She said it wasn't a big deal.
Toby: Tell that to the vein in mom's forehead.

We were bigger than my one mistake.

Emmett [to Bay]
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