The Amazing Race

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The amazing race
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I'm gonna draft off of ya. Just like the Tour de France.


I feel like Dumb and Dumber.


Oh my god, this is f****** dangerous!


I picked the wrong day to do the roadblock.

Flight Time

Measuring's tough, you can do that.


Cab Driver: You no terrorists?
Zev: No, we're not terrorists. But, don't worry, we're good American people.

Cord: I still think we have targets on our backs.
Jet: I don't know if we're outcasts, but there sure hasn't been anyone who's buddied up with us.

We've been kind of bickering like bratty little kids.


Lichtenstein, almost sounds like a fake country.


We've won more legs than anyone.


Guide: Bigger, bigger
Zev: That's what she said.

When I grew up, we didn't even have a chimney. Sanata Claus came in through the window.

Big Easy
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The Amazing Race Season 18 Quotes

We're easy on the eyes too. If I had to look at me for hours, I would.

Big Easy

the last time we were in the race Big Easy got us eliminated.

Flight Time