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Is it so hard to believe that I buy into the fairy tale? That I would want a best friend, a partner to fall in love with and grow old with?


They did a background check. I didn't get the job.


I don't mean to be a fuss, you know, but this has got to be right. This is my chance for a fresh start.


Now, I have all my bases covered and the list is safe. That's what I promised you.


I've been called a lot of things in my life but a sweet so and so isn't one of 'em.


I didn't storm out. I walked out forcefully.


Yeah, keep dreamin'. I've been in over ten weddings and I know an ugly ass bridesmaids' dress when I see one.


Lacey: I think it's supposed to be romantic.
Riley: Frankly, my dear Lacey, I do give a damn.

If it's the booty callin', it's not a booty call.


I'm taking the potato salad. You just gave me stress hunger.


You know, I'm not saying that I have any right or that it's even logical, but the thought of you with another man destroys me.


Evan: Your staying here is temporary, right?
Kyle: Yeah, so is your being the father of my kids.

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We love each other and that's all that matters.


I just wanted one day of fun for our family.