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Don't stick it in anything that hasn't been fully vetted first.


When it comes to women, I have an impulse control problem.


I do not lie. I embellish.


Cliff: You're the boss.
Cliff: I thought so.

Susan: What do you want from me?
Cliff: What any good managing partner wants. For his business to run like a business, not a soup kitchen.

Last week, I made one small mistake. He yelled at me until the smoke alarm went off.


My father endowed a chair at Stanford. Technically, they owe us.


A practical exhibition of sympathy. That's what my grandfather called the judge. It's on my resume.


Half of what they do here is keep you off balance. That's how they gain control.


Finger pointing is no way to make friends.


I'm sorry my wife's MS was an inconvenience for you.

Hart [to Cliff]

There's more to a practice than representing corporations. We need to represent people with real problems.

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Sometimes I think I married myself one grade A bitch.


Leave, before I set you on fire.


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