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You really think I am that stupid to leave the Book of Changes in my office?


(to Melinda) Wow! It must be really really interesting to be you.


Not to be insensitive, but this would be a shrine to her dead ex-fiancé.


Madison: I couldn't say good-bye until it means something.
Melinda: What means something?
Madison: Me being gone.

Why is a teenage ghost haunting Avery?


Ned: The ghost couldn't be a guy.
Eli: How come?
Ned: Dude, the ghost left a glitter note.

Ugh! Why isn't there a star 69 on this thing?


You don't know what it's like for me. I'm not a sensitive.


I cant tell if this is a seduction or a séance.


Spirits don't belong here, they belong in the light.


You can end it Robert, just one step. Take it. Take it.

Roberts demon

Foreheads were touching. It's called threading - the why he was able to do this was through the forehead.

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The Ghost Whisperer Quotes

Delia: Did you just offer to give a ride to a ghost?
Melinda: Only because she doesn't know she's dead.

Eli: I know you're gonna say I got ahead of myself reaching out to the brother who probably killed his little sister; manslaughtered, murdered, take your pick.
Melinda: How about you start a phone call with can you talk or this a bad time?
Eli: No, I want you to pick one, seriously.