you know sometimes when people tell me what to do I find they are telling me what they think they should do. It's called transference.

Ethan [to Amy]

If your life isn't what you want it to be then do something about it. Stop being who you are and be who you wanna be.


Okay so I'm getting married, it's not everything!


Your attitude sucks, you know that?

Lauren [to Amy]

Well everyday you wanna do something other than go to school and to work. But that your summer. Those are the choices you made, so live with it.


If we're not good enough for them, then they're not good enough for us.

Leo [to Ben]

You haven't dated a great guy since Jack.

Tom [to Grace]

Grace: You wanna have sex?
Jack: I'll be right over.

I'm not really desperate, I'm just smitten.

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