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Homer: Oh my god, I don't know jack about my boy! I'm a bad father!
Selma: You're also fat.
Homer: I'm also fat!

Troy McClure: I'm actor Troy McClure. You may remember me
from such TV series as: Buck Henderson: Union Buster and Troy & Company's Summertime Smile Factory.

Homer: Patty! Selma! What a pleasant surprise!
Patty: Whaddya know, he's wearing pants!
Selma: I owe you a lunch!

Barney: (To Patty) My friend and I have a bet. Are you Mary Tyler Moore?
(Patty sprays mace in Barney's eyes.)
Barney: Ow! Wow, it really is you!

Homer: (reading) No matter what you tell your child to do, you will always do the opposite, huh?
Homer's Brain: Don't you get it? You've got to use reverse psychology!
Homer: That sounds too complicated!
Homer's Brain: OK, don't use reverse psychology!
Homer: All right, I will!

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