Lisa: I wish for world peace!
Homer: Lisa that was very selfish of you!

Bart: No more fooling around, paw, I wish for The Simpsons to be rich and famous!
Homer: Now you're talking!
Lisa: Yaaaay!
Marge: My purse just exploded!
Homer: Come on everybody, we're going to the fanciest restaurant in town!

Homer: That Monkeys Paw is going to make our dreams come true!
Maggie: suck
Lisa: Oh no! Maggie made a wish! (the family hear a car horn)
Homer: Oooh! A luxury car! Good Maggie!
Marge: (someone's at the door, she opens it) Ooh, a new pacifier.
(The car drives off)
Homer: D'oh!

Hey, If you don't like it, go to Russia!


Smithers: (Over P.A.) Attention Homer Simpson. Attention Homer Simpson.
(Homer is still dozing at his post)
Smithers: Wake up, Homer! (Homer awakens)
Smithers: You're fired.
Homer: For what?
Smithers: For sleeping on the job.
Homer: How'd you know I was sleeping?
Smithers: We've been watching you on the surveillance camera.
Homer: Camera? (Spots the camera) D'oh!

Homer: (In Morocco) How could Princess Grace live in a dump like this?
Lisa: Dad, that was Monaco!

The Simpsons Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Behold, the greatest breakthrough in labor relations since the cat-o-nine-tails!

Mr. Burns

Your superior intellect is no match for our puny weapons!

Kang and Kodos