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Guy: Do you have any cake?
Kate: Cake? Why?
Guy: I was hoping you could sit on it.

Someone once told me that you have to make art like your parents are dead.


Oh Marshall's coming out of his little turtle shell.


On a scale of gayness I think Alex would be a ten.


Yes it is - now let's do this.


Let's see you took every single thing from my favorite place in the world and made it yours so ya know I think I will pass.


You know I thought about keeping it just so I could be reminded that my actions affect others.


You make art with all your selves.


(to Tara) I needed you today.


Well speaking for someone who is all here all the time - no you don't. Why do you think I smoke so much weed.


Congratulations Char - you officially have no soul.


Hey what are you doing that I am not doing? You had a huge line all day - I might as well be handing out farts.

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United States of Tara Quotes

Katie: Nice whale-tale.
T: Quite hating. You wish you had all this.

Max: Is Mom here?
Marshall: Yeah. I mean Mom's here... but I'm not sure Mom's here.