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True blood
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I'm wearing a Walmart sweatsuit for ya'll. If that's not a demonstration of team spirit I don't know what is.


Bill: We can pray.
Alcide: Werewolf and a vampire? Who's gonna listen?

Sometimes I think that boy's cheese done fall right off his cracker.

Sam's mother

I can tell you're a sexual person, Hoyt Fortenberry... I know God wants girls to wait, but I'm right about you.


I really like you Hoyt and I really want you to taste my biscuits.


Every time I keep looking at you two I see big ole bullet holes in your heads.


I'm trade you the red one for the blonde one.

Russell [to Bill]

Mine is the true face of vampires!


Fangs are basically like twin hard-ons.


Well I hate to break it to you Violet, but I'm a modern man. I think and I feel. And I'm still a bad ass motherfucker of a warrior.


Just once I'd like to not find a dead body in my house. Is that asking too much?


Oh I love a good execution.

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God has the most beautiful tits I have ever seen.


I'm not a monster, I'm a buddhist!


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