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Good night, you princes of Venture. You kings of sleepover

Dr. Orpheus

Dr. Orpheus: Punkin', get me my cloak!
Triana: Why don't you wear the...
Dr. Orpheus: Oh fine. Get me my blue windbreaker!

Dr. Orpheus: What is...?
Brock: It's Doc's deformed twin brother - he absorbed in the womb but he's come back for revenge, but now they've made up, so...
Dr. Orpheus: 'kay...

You boys don't want to end up in here. This place is full of animals... no, Hank, I don't mean King Gorilla. In a place like this, you'd be eaten alive... no, I'm not talking about Mecha-Mouth


Hank: Maternity. You weren't kidding, Deano. Pop really is having a baby!
Dean: I think I need a cigarette

ER Doctor: The tumor was benign. It's just that... well. [clears throat] We cannot find it.
Dr. Venture: What do you mean you "can't find it?"
ER Doctor: Well we took it out and, I don't know. When I finished sewing you up I turned around and it was... just gone.
Dr. Venture: Gone. Well. I want a second opinion. Oh wait, I'm a doctor! I can give myself one! You suck, and I'm leaving

Hank: I'm outta here! I'm not gonna play second... banana-fiddle to some stupid old baby.
Dean: Well not me! I'm staying right here. I'll be sleeping in a room right next to Triana. And then she'll hear like, thunder or something, and, and she'll run into my room all scared and stuff, and I'll be like, 'hush my darling, it's just ionized air molecules expanding'. And she'll be like, 'oh, hold me', and I'll like...
Hank: Dude! If we stay here that means we'll be Dr. Orpheus' kids. And that means Triana will be your sister. And that means you two will have extra-retard babies.
Dean: Huh. I never thought of that. [he stands up] Alright, I'm with you!

Dr. Orpheus: Pumpkin, you're up early, and you've changed out of your jam-jams into...the clothes you wore last night. How frugal of you. Did you just get home?
Triana: Kim was totally plastered, and then we were like...
Dr. Orpheus: Sweetie, let me love you - don't make this hard for us

Jonas Venture, Jr.: Hello, Rusty.
Fetus Rusty: Daddy? What are you doing in mommy's womb?
Jonas Venture, Jr.: I came to tell you son...(spooky voice)...there is another Venture.
Fetus Rusty: Why're you talking like Yoda?
Jonas Venture, Jr.: This is your dream, Rusty - you tell me

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