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Pete: How can you tell them apart?
Weaver: You're a trained expert with a scrupulous eye for detail. Or you read the brass plaque on the base.

Claudia: It's okay if I don't like you, right?
Leena: Of course. But you do.

Myka: She's out of your league.
Pete: How do you know what my league is?
Myka: Not that I asked for them, but I've got season tickets.
Pete: That's good, I like that.

Myka: But it's still just a well-executed art theft. I mean, it doesn't automatically shout "warehouse," does it.
Artie: Things rarely shout "warehouse." They usually whisper, "Hey, that's a little odd."

Children, don't fight. I can be both a d-bag and insane.


Pete: Let me guess, you speak Latin too.
Myka: Okay. Make one more nerd joke and I'm going to point out how you're losing your hair.

Artie: You're lucky I have an emergency travel kit in the trunk of my car.
Claudia: Well, "Serendipity" is my stripper name.

Artie: Just... you know, just to clarify, you decided to re-create a clearly dangerous, potentially deadly experiment?
Claudia: Oh, sure, it sounds bad when you say it like that.

Myka: Mrs. Frederic said we should stay here.
Pete: Really? I didn't hear that.
Myka: Neither did I.

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