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What about your boss's suicide? I mean someone ate his brains. That's twisted. Did they find who did that, by the way?

Jenna: Could you ever forgive me?
Ryan: I do everything else for ya.

Ryan: I'm returning the cats. There's no reason to keep them.
Wilfred: Dude, I was literally just about to kill them.

I will not rest until every cat in Venice is dead. And then I will move to my ultimate goal of making earrings out of the bronze testicles of every postal worker in the greater Los Angeles area.


Imagine how hilarious I'd look wearing a full-bodied animal suit.

Ryan: Maybe there will be a feel good ending, like all the cats are found safe.
Wilfred: Or sex-butchered by a psychopath.

Tits, let's move.


Nice job, Squishy T.


Ryan: Wilfred, these are pets. People will be looking for them.
Wilfred: They're cats Ryan. No one cares.

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