Mouse Droid: You ain't gonna believe what just I just seen.
Mouse Droid 2: Tyra Banks?
Mouse Droid: See, now you say something better, so my thing don't sound cool no more.
Mouse Droid 2: Oh! Come on, what did you see?
Mouse Droid: I don't remember. I was just thinking about Tyra Banks.
Mouse Droid 2: Can you imagine?
Mouse Droid: Every night! Don't shake my hand.
Mouse Droid 2: You ain't got no hand! You're a little truck.

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Family Guy Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes, Family Guy Quotes
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Family Guy Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Red Leader: All wings, check in!
Red 3: Red 3, standing by!
Red 6: Red 6, standing by!
Red 5: Red 5, standing by!
Red Button: Red Button, standing by!
Red Foxx: Red Foxx, standing by!
Big Red: Big Red, standing by!
Red October: Red October, standing by!
Helen Reddy: Helen Reddy, standing by!
Simply Red: Simply Red, standing by!

You can kiss the lower part of the back of the canister that is my body!

Cleveland (R2-D2)