You can give yourself a break. You're a good man.

Bailey (to Webber)

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I think a person who thknis they are spiritually healthy probably isn't. If we can come to a place as Paul did to realize that there is no greater sinner than ourself and learn to rest and rely on the grace of God we have matured. I believe that each one of us is capable, given the circumstances to commit great evil. When we know that we are evil to the core then we have matured. We tend, me too, to try and garner brownie points by doing our daily spiritual exercises, reading the Bible and praying etc, not that I think we shouldn't do these things but we should not be legalistic in this respect. Without leaning on His grace all this is dead works. Most important is our relationship with God, every good work stems from that. However sometimes God hides, because he wants us to seek, and one walks entirely by faith rather than in relationship. Currently this is where I am but I know and see God's hand in a lot of ways although I might not be hearing or feeling anything..-= Berni s last blog .. =-.

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Alex: I felt bad that I had to sit with you all night so you didn't cry yourself to sleep over your sad premie.
Morgan: He has a brain bleed!

We're trained to be vigilant, to chase down the problem, to ask all the right questions, to find the root cause until we know exactly what it is and we confront it. It takes an extreme amount of caution or we can't overstep ourselves. We can create problems that don't exist.