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After writing a song about relaxing to the max, Jenna now has millions of new fans who want her to be chill.  The writers attempt to take of advantage of that.  Jack, Tracy, and Liz try to figure out who is going to win the Presidential election, only to realize that Jenna's new fans have all the power.

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09.02.11 at 11:37 amCromartie's Fertile CodpieceMilo Aukerman, professor (in a ltmieigate field!!) and frontman of the groundbreaking punk group, The Descendents. That way I'll never have to know what the answer to What will it be like when I get old? . That's right. He'll still be grabbin' ass and playing with potassium and shit like sublimation when ordering my kids to listen to Hope .

30 Rock Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

I hope it's gay...male gay, because with the ladies it's too much hiking.


Reginald: Donaghy, still over at NBC with all those communists and homosexuals?
Jack: Reginald I believe you're thinking of the White House.