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On the season finale of 90210...

... Ryan learned he's the father of Jen's baby, but she didn't want him to play a part in its raising. He responded by driving very drunk, running over the West Beverly sign and and seeing Mr. Cannon pull down the shade in his classroom late at night. (More on this below.)

... Jasper set fire to Liam's boat because he saw Liam and Annie bonding on it, as viewers saw and heard Annie confess to Liam about the hit-and-run. Liam responded by beating Jasper to a pulp, while Annie went home and told her mom and dad the same. Earlier, Deb and Harry basically admitted they didn't love each other.

... Dixon and Ivy made up and Dixon planned on going to Australia. However, Deb forbade it after she learned of his gambling problem. As she and Harry fought, Dixon snuck out of the house.

... Adriann and Navid got back together, after she discovered the braclet he gave her. But Javier wants to fight for Ade's love and invited her to open for him on a year-long tour.

... Silver admitted to Teddy that she does love him, forget his father!

... all alone, Naomi ended up in the classroom of Mr. Cannon. He thought she actually wanted him and didn't take no for an answer. The last scene of the season was Naomi's face, as Mr. Cannon, we'd imagine, forced himself inside her.

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I think people are really jumping the gun on the rape thing. It doesn't show rape and barely shows the start of a rape. Until it continues next season all you're left with are his advances and the look of being in serious trouble by Naomi when realizing no one would believe this is happening to her and that she is on her own. There's nothing to imply she isn't a fighter and that she won't fight back in the season premier.


LOVED it !
I had to cover my eyes at some points because i just couldn't bare to watch these people in their situations. Annie+Liam: please get together, your the cutest thing to hit 90210 and i never saw it until you actually had them together and connecting. I was never a huge fan of annie but i love liam and the fact that she's been there for him really helps her cause. Silver+Teddy: They are cute, but i don't really see their spark. I'm happy that silver finally realized she's being a douche and choosing for teddy but i wouldn't shed a tear if they weren't a couple. Jasper: He is on my last nerve. my heart sank (excuse the pun) when i saw liams boat going down. there are always characters i love to hate on tv..but i just HATE him ! he's pissing me off and still causing damage in his stupid limpy crutches and no life.. GO AWAY. Naomi: sooo amazed that 90210 went there. not only was i freaking out, i didn't even see it coming even after seeing the previews.i thought it would be a one time kiss and she'd book it. i had nooo idea it was going to be a rape plot line. i definitely agree with you that it will be a very hard story to tell properly. i also agree with one of the posts above saying that she'll feel she deserves it and won't do anything. Ivy+Dixon: ehhh... cute thing dixon did for ivy. but i just..don't feel it. i was actually happy with dixon and silvers little slip up in the broom closet. they still seem ment to be in my eyes. Everyone is taking a spazz on the show above and your being ridiculous. just watch the show and go with the flow. i never get mad a show or blah blah blah , im in it to see what happens to these people. so calm down and stop bitching about the writers and the stupid dramas and plot lines. finally 90210 has got an intense story coming up with the rape and i really want to see how it turns out.


Hey guys, please.What name is song which plays finally part ? When is Naomi with Mr.Cannon?? please answer me. Thx


I can't believe there are people trying to associate Annie's story and Naomi lying about Mr. Cannon harrassing her. Naomi lied to Liam and he got in troubles for her by hitting Mr Cannon. How would you feel if you learnt you've done all of this for nothing ?
Plus, we don't even know if Liam and Annie are going be together (though, we can suppose it's going to happen)
Eventually, I must say I'd like to see those two end up together. Come on, they are like meant to be !


I think Annie and Liam will hook up...Until Liam finds out Mr Cannon raped Niomi than he will get back together with Niomi and beat up Mr Cannon. I hope Annie and Liam hook up though!


Liam & Annie--I see nothing wrong with the two becoming extremely good friends; the type that can be there for one another without actually engaging in some type of romantic interlude. Finale's are made to keep the audience guessing until the next season--some finale's irritate people while the eyes of another person might think it is wonderful. Prior to judging this finale as being a set up for season one--get a life, enjoy your summer and see you next fall! Peace Out.


Oh shiz, I'm done with this lamest tv show! If you've decided to make Liam-Annie belong together, it's totally shiteous! The storyline is fuckin' unoriginal. The same one with the season 1: Annie-Ethan-Naomi. F!
Good bye, 90210. Long live all those craps!


Glad you said that Ryan Eggold is a quality actor who needs more to do-I agree!


Oh come on! Annie and Liam? seriously, wasn't that storyline used in season 1 already? Besides, how could liam be so mad at naomi for lying about mr.cannon and not be mad at annie for killing someone? even if she wasn't the one who actually killed him, she thought she did, yet she was such a coward that she wasn't able to 'fess up. what'sworse? lying about sexual harassment or killing someone?

90210 Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

I don't need to play second fiddle to another girl anymore. I've gone on that ride and I'm done.


Jen is hardly human. Who would have thought she could reproduce?