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When Archer learns the chemotherapy he's been taking has been a placebo (sucrose and Zima), he goes on a rampage against the people that duped him -- the Irish mafia.   Unfortunately, midway through Archer gets access to the real chemo drugs and takes them mid-rampage.  Whoops.   Missing hair and strength, he leans on Lana to get the job done.  Following the lead to the top, leaving a trail of blood in his path, Archer takes out the Mafia's leader, Delaney.  In the end, it's revealed the chemo works and he beats cancer.

Meanwhile, Cyril discovers that Krieger is one of the Boys from Brazil -- a possible genetic clone of Hitler that Malory rescued.

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Archer Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Do I look like I need bald guy cream?. Mikey, I can barely get a comb through this. It's so thick my barber charges me double.


Archer: Cry "Havoc!" and let slip the hogs of war.
Krieger: Dogs of wars.
Archer: Whatever farm animal of war, Lana. Shut up.