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The residual feelings after the death of Jeremy are still wreaking havoc with Denise, Frank, Claudia Joy and Roland. Roxy is still in family protection mode, certain that she must provide in the event Trevor never makes it home. The formerly married Morans enjoy every free minute as they revel in resurrecting their relationship.
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As everyone suffers through the aftermath of Jeremy's death, not one character is left unscathed. Read the review to learn one critic's opinion of this heartfelt episode.
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The wives throw Tonya a wedding shower and Denise shares with her what you need for a long lasting marriage. Joan and Roland support Sarah Elizabeth for preschool and Roxy continues to hold onto TJ.
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Roxy, Claudia, Joy and Denise continue to deal with the challenges of life while their husbands are deployed. This is the Army Wives I love. Read the review to find out why!
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I don't know how to get divorced.


But I don't have breasts yet.


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Tangled up Tangled Up Gareth Dunlop iTunes
Song Pulling on a Line The Great Lake Swimmers iTunes
Bright morning stars Bright Morning Stars Abigail Washburn iTunes