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Jules is starting to get really sick of a wealthy man, Jeff (Scott Foley), who seems to be faking interest in one of her properties, having seen it ten times already.  He even brings his much younger girlfriend by.  Meanwhile, Jules asks out a cute, young guy from her spin class who's also a shirtless model at an Abercrombie & Fitch-type store.  However, before her date, Jeff ends up trying to kiss her at one of the home showings and they decide to go out.  Yay for uncougaring the Cougar Town.

Meanwhile, Ellie trusts Andy and leaves the baby with him.  Andy and the guys built a prison, err play pen, for the kid to play in and hang up a water bottle for him to drink from.  When Ellie sees them dragging the kid around by a leash, she takes him back and feels she can't trust Andy... until she manages to get the kid a nasty bump on the hand.

Oh and Bobbie spends the episode trying to figure out why Grayson is so down and he eventually admits it's because his ex-wife had her baby and it was a boy.

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