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Annie is sent on a simple mission in Argentina, but it turns serious when an assassin comes after the Italian journalist she was sent there for.  He is a bit difficult to keep at her side, but they end up taking out the assassin and escaping Argentina safely.

Back at home Auggie is offered a position in the OCA by Arthur.  It would be a title and pay increase, and Auggie would be one of three public faces of the CIA.  It's a big decision, because he would no longer be in covert affairs, so he calls Annie to get her opinion in the final minutes of the episode.

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I just hope this programme is not going south. The script writing is getting really sloppy and lazy. It's becoming an hour of nothingness. Please buck up or this could really be your swan song season.

Covert Affairs Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Annie: I'm American.
Carlo: But before that?
Annie: Before that, I was American.

You'd be one of the three public faces of the CIA...the DCI, me, and you.