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Joe feels some satifaction after finding out that the man who crippled him (it actually wasn't the Grinch who knocked him off a roof) is finally imprisoned. However, when he finds out that man, Bobby Briggs, has escaped, he starts feeling miserable and wants to bring him to justice. Peter volunteers, along with Quagmire, to go hunt Briggs down and bring him to justice. They trace his last known location to a strip club in Atlantic City, where a stripper reveals the address he's currently hiding out at.

The gang goes and finds him, but lose him after a rooftop chase. Thanks to a paper with a Juarez area code on it, they figure out that Briggs is planning to drive out of the country, and the only way on road to Juarez is through El Paso. So the group flies there to cut him off. When he finally reaches the border, Joe chases him down, and after a fight, he decides to get his retribution by shooting him in the kneecaps like Briggs did to him. However, this kills him – but they kick the body into a river flowing in to Mexico and leave. Joe finally has his peace knowing that the man who crippled him is no longer out terrorizing others.

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Hello. I watched the original airing and the re-run of this episode, and I don't remember quagmire telling joe that he thought that he injured his legs in a fight on the roof with the grinch. Did I just forget that detail, or did fam guy splice that line in for the re-run? Please advise. Thank you. Mark


Hi TTAs you already know, part of me is a neo-Jungian shnirk-wrap ☺ and true to form, I like Myers-Briggs!My personality has ENFP traits:Extraversion = 22Intuitive = 88Feeling = 75Perceiving = 67I prefer to talk about traits rather than a personality types since over time, and sometimes short periods of time, these traits change. Fifteen years ago, I was an INFJ like you! ☺Also I believe that any scores below 25 are not necessarily to be relied upon. My extraversion score is typically about 22. It can swing to introversion at the same level. What are your scores?So like Tamera, who moves between ENFJ to ENFP, I move between ENFP and INFP. I believe it is, as she says, something about how we are and how we feel at the time, rather than an intrinsic state of being. What are your J and P scores, Tamera?The 1.5% (for an INFJ score) you talk about is based on an empirical survey carried out in USA, I believe. I do not know how well it extrapolates across geographies, or how accurate it is. Recently all my friends and I did the test together, just for fun. About 75% of my close friends are INFJ! I notice that amongst the respondents here too INFJ clocks in at more than 1.5% too.I suppose I had theorised at the time that what drew my friends together were distinctive and strong NF traits and what also drew me to them was a desire to balance my perception with their judgment. That may still be true.I have never met another person with an iNtuition score as high as mine! The N and the F parts of me are very strong and distinctive too. I can rely on those for sure. It also reflects how I work and how I am these days too. I write long psychology articles that are entirely based on intuitive feeling responses without reference to textbooks normally either. I trust my NF judgments far more than I would trust another’s Sensing, Thinking' judgments. Continually I get into trouble if I resort to judgments that rely on rational thought. More often than not, I’m wrong. But that’s a whole different subject.Keep writing TT,Geoffrey ☺

Family Guy Season 11 Episode 5 Quotes

Quagmire: Wait a minute, Bobby Briggs is the one who crippled you? You always told us you fell off a roof during a fight with the Grinch.
Joe: ...I lied.

A police spokesperson was quoted as saying "Duh, I'm a dumb cop, I like to give Tom Tucker a ticket." I was going like 41.

Tom Tucker