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Arizona and Callie are having an argument about potentially having a child when Sloan comes rushing in to get a suture kit because Sloane is having a baby.

Everyone rushes into Sloan’s apartment just in time to see the baby. Back at the hospital Sloan can’t get over the resemblance between him and the baby. Sloane asks Sloan to contact the adoptive parents and he hesitantly agrees to.

Later that day, Tom Evans is meeting with Sheppard. Teddy is taking by surprise by this news. Cristina is like a school girl idolizing Dr. Evans.  Teddy realizes that she is not the main cardiothoracic specialist and she may be fighting to keep her job.

April has a little crazy breakdown in front of Meredith and Jackson about her crush on Derek. Later that day,  while going up to the helicopter port, April fills in Derek about the man from the fishing boat accident. This man somehow got a big hook stuck in him. Jackson points it out again to Meredith that April is blatantly fawning over Derek.

Sloane tells her father that maybe they can raise the baby together. Arizona walks in and asks him to meet with her when he has a chance.

When Sloan meets with Arizona, she tries to convince him to give up the baby and he yells at her because this is his grandson and needs time to think about it.

Arizona points out to Callie that little Sloan made the only thoughtful decision to give the baby away to two mature and ready parents. They get a page from Sloane because she is freaked out that the baby is crying out of hunger.

Derek helps Sloan realize that losing this baby wouldn’t be losing his kid. Sloane is his kid and he is not losing her. Sloan realizes that Derek is right and meets with his daughter. He tells her that this is her decision and he will be there for her no matter what. She agrees to give the baby up for adoption.

Derek meets with Webber and he asks for a reason why he hired on Teddy. Webber wont help give Derek an answer and tells him that he needs to figure this out alone - as a Chief would.

Teddy informs Cristina that Evans is there because he wants her job. Cristina asks Owen to put in a good word with Derek to keep Teddy, but unbeknownst to Cristina, Owen tells Derek that Teddy would land on her feet if he chooses to go with Evan.

The fisherman is about to go into surgery and it fiercely mad at his son because he thinks it is his fault that he got into this accident. While in surgery, April is living on every word that Derek says. Once again Jackson points this out to Meredith. Derek compares the idiotic son to Teddy and she points this out to him. Owen goes to pull out the hook and Teddy sneezes which messes up the procedure.

Teddy and Owen are in the elevator by themselves and she breaks down. He hugs her to comfort her and they both look at each other wantingly, but nothing happens.

The hook patient’s surgery didn’t go as planned and Teddy tells Derek that he has to trust her and get this man into surgery. Little Grey is able to put it together the father and son have a very rare pneumonia. Which makes Teddy realize that she was wrong. When he gets out of surgery, the fisherman tells his son that it is his fault, not his sons.

Callie meets with Arizona and tells her that she gets it. She understands Arizona’s pain is due to her brothers death. Arizona tells Callie that she is completely wrong and it is just that she will never want kids - period.

Back at home, Lexie tells Alex how it is. That he better start being nice to her at the hospital or else she will stop giving him sexy time even as much as she may want to.

That night Callie and Arizona are in bed and Callie pretends that she doesn’t want children, but they both know it is a lie.

Teddy tells Sloan that she is there to say, while Richard approves Derek’s choice in his cardiothoracic surgeon. Derek tells Richard that his first choice was Evans, but he turned it down.

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I'm almostt positive thatt Merr and Der wont break up. I think they're togetherr for good. But i still do like the little fights they have, because i love when they make up. Izzie isnt going to come back. I'm going to miss her. and I really hope Mer see's teddy and Owen in the elevator, and i hope the couple that breaks up is teddy and owen. but this is all my opion, no one elses.


i really hope its not derek & mer breaking up, i doubt it is tho,
but if that does happen i might stop watching greys :/ we need more merder sex!


i think mererdith and derek will have sex in- call room


where the hell is Izzie wont she come back??? :(
or maybe the big break up is Alex signs the divorce papers???
i wish not and Izzie will come back in the "next" season... its not nice without her ana George :'(


Sloan should let mark keep the baby..he was so excited about it. callie should definately help. and Mark should forgive Lexie. Even though he was mad at her..he slept with Addison when she broke up with him and she slept with Alex..technically they were not together. He should get over it and make up..=)
And please Abc stop with thelong breaks in between episodes..most of us can't handle that!!!!!!!


I would Def STOP watching Grey's if Der and Mer break up!! They are the best thing in the show...I hope they show more of DerMer now..


Actually, Meredith and Derek breaking up would add viewers. Seasons 1-3 had 18+ million viewers, and Grey's Anatomy is currently at around 13-14 million. In seasons 1-3, they had significant drama, and if you ask me that is one of the reasons I watch the show. My top 3 appeals to Grey's Anatomy: 1. Interesting emotional surgical cases
2. Meredith and Derek Drama
3. Unpredictable crisis situations (common in drama)


Evelin, i dontt thinkk tht mer and der are braking up, if they doo, thenn greyss will start getting less veiwers, and i think shondaa knowss that. i think its going to be callie & Arizona, or Cristina And Owen.


If Mark is adopting a baby it means he is going to need a woman to do it with him. Lexie already said she is not ready, Teddy is new in his life and she is there for amazing sex, Callie is the best candidate - she is the closest to Mark - she is a close friend, an ex-lover and she wants to have a child. They are surgeons, who has time for 9 mo pregnancy? Mark and Callie is my bet.


Where is izzy > is she ever coming back??

Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 20 Quotes

Callie: No it doesn't make any sense. Everyone wants kids and you of all people wear roller skates for shoes, I don't get it.
Arizona: You know what I don't know. Maybe there's something wrong with me. Because its not natural, its not womanly, maybe I am cold and heartless and dead inside.
Callie: I am not saying that.
Arizona: Yeah, but you are.

We're doctors - we're trained to care for human beings and we're pretty sure we know what to look for.


Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 20 Music

  Song Artist
Song Traveler's Song The Future of Forestry iTunes
Song Scattered Diamonds Hungry Kids Of Hungary iTunes
Everybody loves you Everybody Loves You Jenn Grant iTunes