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A lion breaks loose in Seattle, leaving a couple's lives and relationship at risk; Lexie overhears Mark's discussion about moving in with Julia; Teddy begins to take steps towards coming to terms with Henry's death; Callie grills Arizona on her past lovers; and Alex requests to be taken off Morgan's preemie case when she becomes too dependent on him. Meanwhile, Meredith tries to be a support for Cristina as the tension between her and Owen hits a boiling point.

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Burke may have left Cristina at the alter and decided she wasn't right for him, but that doesn't deny their chemistry. I still believe that he could come back as a Visiting Professor Lecturer for a couple of episodes and shake things up with Owen. Perhaps Owen has gotten a little to complacent and needs to realize that others certainly appreciate Cristina's talents and robotic charm. lol


Burke was no good for Cristina he left her at the alter and did not want to marry her


Bring back Burke! We want Burke!


Ok so It's time to bring back Burke!!!! Come on Shonda, it's time we are all waiting, this will revive the show. please I have been a Grey's fan since the beginning. Kathering Heigl should make a few guest appreances to!!!


l am getting a little tired of grey's anatomy lately......why not bring back Burke? Owen is a jerk anyway and l really miss Preston with Cristina!!


I want Burke back too. It was a BIG mistake taking him out. He waw such a Great Character.


Burke and Cristina had problems but Burke knew her better than Owen, I seriously wish he would come back and create some sparks...


I'm looking forward when Burke come back and makes complications... I think Owen realized that he can't live without Christina and everything will be okay...


It's time for Owen to feel what Cristina has been going through over the state of their marriage. I realize he's hurting over the abortion, but he is devastating her with this. She's always been there for him, even during his PTSD crud and his choking her. He's being as pissy as Derek can sometimes be when things don't go his way. Bring back Burke for 2-3 episodes and let the sparks fly between him and Cristina. Or maybe someone new even though the fact that Burke and Cristina were engaged would present a stronger threat. Who cares? See how Owen likes that.


Are you kidding me? Owen is great with Cristina. They're made for each other they have the same exact amazing personality. But indeed I am tired of the break ups. I wish Owen and Cristina just work this out even though I'm sure they won't. Cristina will leave Owen. And maybe Owen didn't cheat on Cristina?

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 18 Quotes

I was staring at Simba.


We have a phrase in the operating room. Don't pet the lion. It means no matter how nice a tumor looks, how small it is, how perfect it's margins may be, it's still a tumor. It's still dangerous and it can bite.

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