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While at Stella's house in New Jersey, Ted tries to sell the gang on just how great New Jersey, despite the fact he, like all New Yorkers, has always hated Jersey.  However, when he realizes Stella wants him to move to Jersey and she's not moving to New York, Ted quickly changes his opinion.... that is until he reads a bedtime story to Stella's daughter and can see himself in Jersey.  Good news is so could Marshall.

Meanwhile, Robin thinks she got a job as a national anchor and quits her crappy Metro News job.  However, when she finds out it was just an interview amongst 20 other people and she doesn't get her job back, she has to make it back to Metro News from Jersey... in only 30 minutes!  However, at the end of the episode we get a bomb dropped on us... Robin is moving to Japan.

Meanwhile, Barney, clearly out of his element in NJ, spends the episode trying to get a knuckle tap.  We've seen far better episodes out of Barney, but what do you expect when you stick this man in a basement?

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