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A petty officer, Colin Boxer, is gunned down in a billionaire’s Ferrari. The killer left the gun behind, which was traced to Kim Taylor. She says that she gave it to her brother. That leads the investigation to Kris Taylor, who says that the gun was stolen. 

Colin Boxer was moonlighting as a valet to pay off his gambling debt when he took the Ferrari for a joy ride. NCIS couldn't trace Colin Boxer or the bookie back to Kris. They find footage of the Ferrari being followed by a motorcycle and accuse Kris of tailing Colin. Kris immediately recognizes the bike as his roommates. The investigation shifts to Alec Dell as the killer.

They finally tie Alec Dell back to the billionaire that owned the Ferrari. Dell interned at the technology company that the billionaire owned. They had a dispute over intellectual property that Dell created while interning. Gibbs gets Dell to come out of hiding by putting a million dollars in his bank account to settle the dispute.

While tracking down the gun, DiNozzo spots a Congressional Gold Medal of Honor at the pawn shop. It was Leroy Jethro Moore's medal, Gibbs' namesake. After decades apart, Gibbs sets out to find out why his father and LJ parted ways years ago and brings them back together.

Ralph Waite returns to guest star in his role as Gibbs’ father, Jackson Gibbs, and Billy Dee Williams guest stars as a World War II veteran, Leroy Jethro Moore.

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Nice episode! I always love character development. Being the sci-fi fan that I am, I also enjoyed seeing Billy Dee Williams. As much as I did like the episode, I feel like the team bond is hurting this year. Why is Gibbs going solo so much this year? The amount of "insults" and teasing seems to be at an all time high this year as well.


Good episode. Like how this year they are trying to make Tim and Tony more like brothers then just friends. Would also be funny to find out later on that Tim is part of this genius club that the killer was part of.


great episode i loved the crime solving and seeing ralph waite and billy dee