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When Schmidt loses his party bus rental for his 29th birthday to Frankie Muniz, Jess decides to throw Schmidt a birthday bash. With the help of the party animal vice principal at her school (Rachael Harris). Jess manages to turn a school bus into Schmidt's birthday bus for the night. Nick brings Julia, his latest love interest to the party and they really hit it off.

Everything is going great until Schmidt's "fremesis" Benjamin (David Neher) hits on Jess and calls Schmidt's party lame. Winston, Nick, Jess, and Julia stand up for Schmidt, but in the scuffle, the bus crashes. Everyone goes their separate ways leaving Jess and Schmidt alone waiting for the tow truck. Flattered by what Jess did for him, Schmidt tries to kiss her landing himself a fifty dollar fee to the douchebag jar.

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New Girl Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Schmidt: Tonight was tens across the board. No splash. Nobody's ever done anything like that for me before.
Jess: Anytime, Schmidt. Anytime.

Benjamin [referring to Jess]: Are you hitting that?
Schmidt: What? No!
Benjamin: Then I think I'll help myself...to sex with your friend.