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Nurse Jackie Season 3

"...Deaf Blind Tumor Pee-Test..."

HR demands Jackie take a urine test this week. Meanwhile, the season finale ends with major news frm Kevin.

"Batting Practice"

Coop actually came across as sympathetic this week, while O'Hara made an offer to Jackie. Kevin also scared the heck out of Eddie.

"Fuck The Lemurs"

Jackie is placed on probation this week. Elsewhere, Coop continues to plan for his wedding.

"Have You Met Miss Jones?"

Coop tracks down a former flame on Facebook this week. Jackie, meanwhile, faces a much larger problem.

"The Astonishing"

Jackie loses her best drug source this week, while also getting into it with Kelly. Elsewhere, O'Hara suffer a trauma.

"Orchids and Salami"

Kelly continues to make an impact this week, while Jackie saw something terrifying: Eddie growing close to O'Hara!

"When the Saints Go"

Not a lot of development on this week's episode of Nurse Jackie. We did meet a new employee named Kelly, however.

"Rat Falls"

Jackie made a deal with the drug devil this week. Elsewhere, Coop receives some troubling news from his moms.


While Coop competed with O'Hara for the Chief of the ER position, Jackie made a mad dash to a clothing drive this week. Why? Find out in this recap.

"Play Me"

Coop bonds with Thor this week, while Jackie receives a surprise: Kevin's sister will be moving in.

"Enough Rope"

Akalitus says Saints may get a visit from the First Lady, while Eddie gives Jackie bad news: he can't keep lying to Kevin.

"Game On"

Jackie responds to her husband and her best friend's intervention on this third season premiere. She doesn't exactly agree to rehab.

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