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Dan starts his search for Nathan.  Julian volunteers to help him.  Their first lead doesn't amount to anything, but Mouth then figures out that Nathan went "off the beaten path" on his scouting trip.  He is onto who might have Nathan.


Some Eastern Europeans have Nathan.  They were hired by the owner of a basketball team, who was mad that Nathan was signing one of his players.  They were going to kill Nathan, but then decided to hold him for ransom instead.


Chris Keller sings at Karen's Cafe to sell out the place for Brooke after finding out that Tara was sleeping with Chase.  Chris Keller gets angry, but he forgives Chase and they go to the strip club.


Clay has another fugue episode, so he decides to stay at the hospital and spend more time with his new friend Logan.

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Thanks for your comments. It sure bhugort back memories looking back at this picture this morning. Christmas should be even more fun this year with a three year old! She is starting to clue in to everything and loves saying "Ho, Ho Ho"!


Nathan is kidnapped by the (going of thier accent, i pressume is a Russian/background Mafia) i think they dont like players having contracts because than they cant make dodgy money of the players etc.
I thoght they would try to get ransom because they know Nathan Scott is rich etc. But it ;looks like they just want to kill him for now. I am dissapointed in our 'Haley", who cares about Dan starting the fire, he didnt hurt anyone and i understand his wanting to get closer to his family, so if Haley was smart she would put that aside and get Dans HELP to find Nathan, because noone else will help her. Also the Quinn + Clay story is sooooooooooo boring,
Chase is such an idiot for being with Tara after wot she is doing to HIS FRIENDS!
& Julian really needs to move on coz Davis is fine and Julians character is soooooooo anoying like this.


I think that Nathan was Kidnapped for ransom and is being held hostage.
His known in Tree Hill as a basketball figure and known to be rich etc. I think Dan will try to find him with Chris Kellers and Julians Help. I hate Tara! Shes there to cause troubble and Chase is an idiot for being with such a ho-bag, especially that she is causing problems and playing dirty to his friends Haley + Brook. Now with the cockroaches! She has to be put in her place and Karma has to catch up with her!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait for that!!!!!!!!!!! i think Chase will get into a fight with Chuks dad and that will be the reason for the cop car/getting arrested.
I also think that the guy who attacked Brook in season 6, will come back for revenge

One Tree Hill Season 9 Episode 6 Quotes

Chase: We should burn those sheets.
Tara: You mean bronze 'em, champ?

What's it take to be a Tree Hill cop these days? Pen?


One Tree Hill Season 9 Episode 6 Music

  Song Artist
Radical face black eye Black Eye Radical Face iTunes
Blind pilot we are the tide We Are The Tide Blind Pilot iTunes
Cameron mcgill and what army my demons are organized My Demons Are Organized Cameron McGill and What Army iTunes