Pretty Little Liars

Tuesdays 8:00 PM on ABC Family
Pretty little liars
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Meredith drugs a sick Aria to keep her knocked out so she can search the house for Ali's diary pages. When Meredith can't find them, she confronts Aria and then knocks her out and leaves her in the basement. Luckily, Hanna and Emily find out that Meredith is taking clonazepam and witness her purchasing a lot of anti-histamine medication, so they go to Aria's to check up on her. However, they get imprisoned in the basement too. The girls are rescued when Byron comes home early. He confesses to Aria that he was blackmailed, but didn't give Ali the money and didn't kill her. He also saw Melissa that night as he left. Aria believes him and burns the diary pages. Meanwhile, Spencer decides to surprise Toby with an anniversary dinner at his place. She gets the keys to his apartment to set up the evening, and inadvertently finds evidence that he is on the A-team. Once she confirms it, Spencer is devastated and begs for an explanation outside his apartment. Also, Caleb and Paige decide to team up to stop Mona from terrorizing the girls, which will involve uncovering all the secrets she has about the girls.

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This is great!