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Addison's pregnant patient, Elisha, is about to marry her boyfriend, Esau, a Kenyan who needs a physical to get his visa renewed.

Sam finds he has tuberculosis - untreatable - and he is quarantined.

The couple decides to run for it, but comes back when she goes into labor.

Immigration shows up to take him awa. Sam pretends he's sick long enough for him to see his baby, who will have to remain in the U.S. for treatment.

Sam is good with Addison and Pete now. The reason for that? New girlfriend Vanessa. But he thinks about Addison while he's with Vanessa.

Addison and Pete cry in each other's arms.

Pete treats a couple with a unique problem - she's allergic to his sperm. Pete encourages them to break up, but has a change of heart when he realizes just how in love they are.

Naomi is going on a date with her boss, William, until Fife says he loves her. Addison says Nae likes Fife more than she lets on. Which she admits, but goes with William anyway.

Sheldon deals with a girl afraid flying after being in a plane crash (hence the title). Charlotte helps him, and they eventually hook up. Just as Cooper comes over to get Violet's mail.

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I just need more Addison & Pete. Then I will be happy. This couple is the best part of the show. Everything else is just meh.


The show was really good last night. Addison made a huge mistake dumping Sam. I hope that new Dr. he's "moved on" to disappears because a Sam and Addison pairing will be lovely. I guess the diversion is to increase the drama, suspense, and eventual satisfaction that will come when Sam and Addison become Saddison. kellie...I agree. Violet needs to get over it.


I am curious to see what is going to happen to charlotte and cooper. I really think Cooper is a jerk. I hope Charlotte will find someone else soon...


When is Viloet going to get her baby back and act like a mother. I don't care if she is with Pete. But it is just stupid now.Get over it and take care of your baby.