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Kateb succeeded this week. He set off an explosion against an oil tanker, as Will was too late in figuring out what was going on.
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In the most tense, action-packed episode of the season, Will almost got killed and the team identified Kateb. Things are moving quickly as Rubicon races toward the end of season one.
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Will makes contact with Katherine on this week's episode... but so does Donald Bloom. Elsewhere, Tanya is faced with the extreme ways in which her drinking causes problems in her life.
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Will got mighty close to his neighbor on this week's episode of Rubicon, while Miles tried to get close to Julia. What did you think of "No Honesty in Men?"
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A security leak caused the FBI to lockdown API this week. As a result, Will discovered the true man working against him and had a dangerous thought: who am I working for?
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Will got surprising advice from an unlikely source on Rubicon this week. Should he actually trust Kale? That's the question coming out of "Look to the Ant."
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Rubicon Quotes

Lauren: Why is Will Travers so mopey?
Miles: He's not mopey, it's just introspective.
Lauren: He walks around like his favorite cat just died.
Miles: Try wife and child. Try 9/11.

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