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A patient who has been impaled with a piece of rebar is brought to the ER. He cannot feel any pain. Joel and Alex save his life and they find a card for a hypnotist in his wallet. The hypnotist had compelled the man to forget his chronic pain and then helps the man remember his identity. Joel and Alex discover the man has a condition known as porphyria, or "The Vampire Disease."

The hypnotist is able to see Charlie and talks to Alex on Charlie's behalf. Alex thinks she may be pregnant.

Joel and Maggie decide to become exclusive.

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Saving Hope Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

There's a difference between pain and suffering. Pain is in the body. Suffering is in the mind and it feels infinite. So maybe the key is to feel your pain and learn from it. And someday your suffering might disappear.


Joel: Ow! Did you just bite me?
Maggie: Yeah, I had an impulse.