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After being trapped in a shipping crate, Huck suffers a break. While he rocks in a corner chanting "752," Harrison, Abby, and Quinn each try to help him. We flash back to who he was before he was hired on to the B613 program and see the start of his relationship with Olivia.

Olivia is still in the hospital and Fitz' refuses to leave while she's there. Mellie make a power play and tells Fitz she's leaving.

Jasika Nicole guest stars.

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I am a Scandal fan this episode was junk please get back to the mind blowing thriller that I'm use too.


Will there be anew episode to iChat 4/18/13?


I am a Scandal fan here in Canada--Montreal. I truly enjoy the episodes and I have to keep up with the pace.Therefore, I watch each episode at least twice. The Gladiators inspire my interest because in today's world there are not many
so called good forces or so it seems. To see them reach a solution is inspiring. Each case is complicated and makes me think. And of course I am a great fan of Fitz and Olivia --how could you not be? Such passion and love is heart touching. Life's complexities are at the core of life---- feelings are forever a challenge for the human being. How we complicate our lives!!!!!!!!! It never ceases to amaze me!!!!! Now Jake and Olivia have slept together--another complication for Olivia!!!!! I look forward to another season but it seems too far away. I do not tweet but I enjoy researching extra information about the themes of this show!!!!!


I would like to see Liv and Fitz relationship continue they are the heart of the show, the whole cast is great.,love my gladiators

Scandal Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Pain is the only human process that is completely defined by the person experiencing it. Now the more I do this the more I learn that people are very different in how they respond to the pain I put them through. You say 'potato' I say 'buh buh,' that type of deal. Now I would say that the majority, maybe 90% of my projects, scream out right away. But then some of them surprise me. They grit their teeth for as long as they can until they pass out and they never make any sound at all. Now they're not any braver than anyone else, they're just different. Which is what makes this job so interesting. You really get to see what people are made of. Literally.


Olivia: I hate you.
Fitz: I know.