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J.D. decides to move closer to Sam so he buys a house near Kim.  After picking up Sam from Kim at St Vincents, where she works, J.D. ends up taking a job there.  J.D. and Turk try to find a way to make their friendship work long distance (37 minutes away), but find it rough to hang out outside of work due to their families.  They're nervous they'll never see each other again when J.D. leaves.  Aww.  At work, Turk is definitely very cocky with his new chief title and even uses it to go over J.D.'s head and perform surgery.

Meanwhile, Denise has been suffering from low confidence at work, is continuing to sleep with Derek, and when she messes up, Elliot takes the fall for her.

Ted asks the Gooch to move in with him, despite not getting the blessing from the Janitor and the brain trust.

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