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On this episode of Shameless:

- Fiona is having sex with Tom the cop in his car, when a bunch of school kids run out and catch them.

- A classmate of Ian’s (Mandy) hits on him at the Kash and Grab and then tries aggressively to hook up with him.

- Ian rejects Mandy and she runs out of the house crying.

- Lip and Karen go on a date.

- Steve begs Fiona to forgive him.

- Tony sends flowers, reveals Fiona took his virginity and invites her to dinner with his mother.

- A Social Security worker comes by the house on suspicion that someone else is cashing Ginger Gallagher’s (Aunt Ginger) SS checks.

- Fiona confronts Frank, who is still living at agoraphobic Sheila’s apartment.

- Frank, Fiona, Debbie, and Veronica borrow an old lady with Alzheimer’s, from the nursing home, to pose as Aunt Ginger.

- The Social Security worker comes back with a federal agent to interview Aunt Ginger and the family is in the clear for the time being

- Meanwhile, Ian is avoiding Mandy’s brothers since they think he is the one who attacked Mandy, not the other way around.

- Lip takes the beating for him, but Ian knows he still has to deal with them.

- Ian ends up coming out of the closet to Mandy and she says she’ll pose as his girlfriend at school.

- Fiona bails on dinner at Tom’s to go see Steve.

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Fake Aunt Ginger was played by actress Gloria LeRoy.


who is the actress who plays fake "aunt ginger"


Can't wait to watch this week's episode. Love that Joan Cusack is on this show. I am such a fan of everything she does. From her earliest days wearing the neck brace in Sixteen Candles to her stuck up role in My Blue Heaven. She is a great addition to what looks to be a big hit in the making for Showtime.