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On this intense episode of Southland:

- John and Ben are called to a domestic disturbance where Ben assumes the man has hit the woman.  Because of his assumption he doesn’t secure the woman and she burns the man with the contents of a frying pan on the stove.  John calls Ben out for his sloppy police work.

- John thinks Ben has become overconfident and has him take the lead for the rest of the day.  Ben can’t seem to do anything right.  He gives a death notification to the wrong person.  He turns his back on a suspect he’s cuffed and the man runs away.  Then he fails to secure a man high on PCP to the gurney allowing him to break out of the ambulance.

- Lydia is called to back up two detectives.  The Lieutenant feels they need assistance and it’s clear they aren’t taking the murder of Artis, a crack dealer seriously.  Lydia takes the lead in the investigation as Josie is in Court.

- Lydia interviews Artis’ wife.  She says he always wore a golden gloves necklace.   John and Ben arrest a drug dealer wearing the necklace.  He says he was paid to kill Artis by Gizmo because Artis stole Gizmo’s Playstation.  That’s when Lydia realizes that Gizmo is actually Artis’ fourteen years old nephew Bryan.   Lydia realizes they don’t have enough evidence to arrest Bryan but drops by to tell Bryan and his mother that they’ll be watching and they’ll get him eventually.  Bryan's mother is furious.  How will they get any business done with the police watching them?

- Nate and Sammy arrive at the scene of a man who was murdered while buying a birthday cake for his son.  His two children and one other woman witnessed the shooting.

- Sammy is distracted throughout the case by the situation with his soon to be ex-wife.  When he and Nate track down their witness, Sammy takes a cell phone call and disrupts the interview.  The witness refuses to ID the shooters.  Later, Nate manages to convince the woman to give a statement and they are able to arrest the shooter.

- At the end of their shift, a gang member throws a bottle at Nate and Sammy’s car.  They get out to have a talk.  Just as it appears the situation is under control, someone comes up behind Nate and hits him in the back of the head with a bat.  As Nate lies bleeding on the ground, a crowd forms, kicking and beating him.  Sammy shoots into the crowd and desperately tries to drag Nate’s body to safety.  Backup finally arrives and Nate is taken to the hospital where he is pronounced dead.  His wife sobs in Sammy’s arms.

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I like how ppl treat this as reality and then make the series about themselves or family that are serving. I feel bad for the ppl that lose sleep or write about how they feel instead of giving an honest critique... and I'm sureif you were brutalized you prolly deserved it. In reality Nate is a horseshit cop, you don't make friends with these ppl nor give them any leway based on "they were your homeboys growing up." He got what would inevitably come to him... you sleep with snakes one will eventually get bit.


The LAPD chopper would of landed in the street and helped Sammy. I saw a LAPD Bell Jetstar land in a parking lot in Venice and come to the aide of Officers.


This episode has torn my heart and I could not sleep all night. Having family members that serve us does not make it easy to watch something like this.


Dumbest ending ever
20+ gangbangers are beating a police officer to death, and his partner is firing warning shots in the air -- then reinforcements arrive, and they don't fire any shots either


The conclusion of this episode left it nearly impossible to not have your heart torn from your chest. You really have to feel for what these officers face every day when they serve and protect. Its a shame there is not more officers like "nate" in this country (USA). These were clearly animals that committed such an act on this man but that is their environment, the way they were raised. With the recent out lash of police shootings since the start of the new year, you hear the question being asked on the news, "why"? Maybe if our police officers showed something as simple as a little more respect and compassion in certain cases we wouldn't be asking ourselves these things. This post comes from a young man who has been the victim of police brutality.


I am in shock over the latest Southland!! I can't believe they killed Nate/Kevin Alejandro! First Ugly Betty, now Southland? Why do these crazy tv execs kill off such a gorgeous man?! I am really going to miss his character!! Wow... just shocked.

Southland Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Save the chivalry for Buckingham Palace. There's no place for it on the street.


Most of us go to work every day with a pretty good idea of what's going to happen. As Detective Bryant would be reminded today, cops never do.