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"The Awakening Conscience"

On Switched at Birth, Bay joins an program at Carlton geared towards those with deaf siblings. Regina finds out about Angelo's baby.

"The Door to Freedom"

On the winter premiere of Switched at Birth, Bay faces the music when she's accused of cheating and Daphne finds trouble because of Jeff.

"Street Noises Invade the House"

On the Switched at Birth fall finale, Bay leaves with Zarra and the trial takes a surprising turn.

"The Trial"

Bay secretly attempts to return the money she stole and the trial over the hospital error begins on Switched at Birth.

"We Are the Kraken of Our Own Sinking Ships"

When Zarra calls for help, Bay leaves a family dinner early where Alex was invited by Kathryn and John on Switched at Birth.

"The Declaration of Independence"

On Switched at Birth, Zarra and Bay work on figuring out who is ruining their street art and Daphne struggles with her relationship with Jeff.

"Tree of Forgiveness"

On Switched at Birth, when his car washed gets tagged, John gets angry. Kathryn tries to find a way to get Toby to stop moping.

"The Shock of Being Seen"

On Switched at Birth, Daphne grows closer to her boss after an incident at the restaurant. Bay manipulates her two Dads.

"The Intruder"

On Switched at Birth, Angelo and Regina face the consequences of their marriage and Emmett and Daphne enter a film festival.

"This Is the Color of My Dreams"

Switched at Birth is back! On the Season 2 premiere, Bay returns from a trip abroad with a new boyfriend. But she must face issues from her past.