The Deep End Season 1

"White Lies, Black Ties"

This episode is titled "White Lies, Black Ties." During the hour, Cliff tries to find a way back into Susan's life.

Addy and Her Man
"An Innocent Man"

Dylan and Liam form a bond this week. They both believe their client is innocent.

Addy Picture
"Nothing Personal"

Susan gives Beth and Dylan a challenging pro-bono this week. The episode is titled "Nothing Personal."

Addy at Work
"To Have and to Hold"

There's a difficult INS case this week. The episode is titled "To Have and to Hold."

"Where There's Smoke"

Beth goes toe to toe with her father in court this week. The episode is titled "Where There's Smoke."

Beth Bancroft Picture

On the pilot episode of The Deep End, we meet a quartet of new associates. Will they make it at this law firm?

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