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Diane helped get a returning Kurt McVeigh off this week... in more ways than one.

She served as his lawyer on a $36 million lawsuit brought about by a man recently released from prison because new evidence found him to be innocent. She also got it on with Kurt multiple times, but still didn't bite when he proposed/invited her to Costa Rica to close the episode. Why? She's too dedicated to her work, as the episode-ending scene proved:

Will, Diane and Bond sat down and agreed to meet with the equity partners in a week.


- Kalinda received a couple messages from a mystery man. Safe to assume this is her husband.

- Grace wanted to learn about Jesus and religion, an awkward topic for Alicia. But she offered to drive her daughter to whatever church she selected.

- Eli got close to Natalie Flores, a woman who worked as a nanny for years to Wendy Scott-Carr. She was also an illegal alien, but someone Eli quickly admired and possibly even wanted to date. In the end, though, he chose his career and his campaign above all else, reporting the story, likely getting Natalie deported and putting a scandal into motion for Peter's opponent.

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Since when does "being a mother" mean she has to encourage her daughter to fill her head with supernatural, occult garbage? Being a GOOD mother should mean encouraging her to think logically for herself, and not just join the latest mindless cult that has her attention. I feel sorry for innocent children if their parents think of it as their duty to help brainwash them with religious hogwash, before they are old enough to be able to think critically. She kindly agreed to drive grace, if she really wanted to go (she didn't even know where yet) -- but there's no way an intelligent woman like Alicia should be expected to sit there and pretend she believes all that nonsense herself.


I was totally disappointed in this episode, the writer has not capatured the role of mother, as Alicia was way off base on the handling of religion with her daughter Grace. It showed that she was more interested in her vices and not concerned with being a mother, Grace was looking to her for support and she pushed it off till close to the end of episode when she would drive her to church no mention about attending it with her.