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Alicia and Will team up with a British lawyer this week because libel charges are brought against their client in a United Kingdom court. The deposition takes place via satellite, with Eddie Izzard guest-starring as a opposing attorney.

In the end, thanks to Alicia helping to boost the confidence of their British pal, Lockhart/Gardner gets the case thrown out.


- The State's Attorney office has the firm on its short list for firms that it would give $20 million/year to in order to defend it against civil cases. But first Peter makes an odd request: to have Lockhart/Gardner audited. He doesn't ask this of any of other finalists for the job. Diane presses Alicia for advice and she says the firm should decline.

Diane heeds these words, but then asks Will if Alicia and Peter are separated because it's clear something is going on. Will says Diane should ask Alicia and the pair agree that she will be fired if she becomes a liability.

- Kalinda and Eli work together for the first time, as a strategist wants to hire the latter to work on a Republican Presidential campaign.

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I am a fan of the Good Wife but whoever wrote this episode should be shot! Whilst all judges US & British have their quirks, this episode is utter nonsense! Shame on you Eddie Izzard for having anything to do with it, and for all the British actors in the US, do you have to keep casting non-Brits with unrealistic accents - or is it that no self-respecting Brit would take the part of such an unrealistic character as the judge? (I sincerely hope so) Note to all casting directors Australia isn't in the UK, and neither do its natives sound as if it is.
I cannot believe that anyone can fall for such drivel, but sadly I spoke to an otherwise intelligent American friend who was shocked when I told him just how unrealistic this episode was. But then some idiot gave it 4.5 stars.
Shame, I have come to expect better than this prejudiced uneducated nonsense from 'The Good Wife.'


Alicia and Will.... sighhhhh :D


I'm confused. The good wife that's d title right? How come Alicias' with Will and is seperating from Peter? Please make Peter and Alicia work or change the title.


OMG! Kalinda and Eli have such a chemistry together! I'm hopping for more scenes with those two, and I'm also wondering what Eli would do when he finds out that she is the reason he now has a separated candidate. On the other hand, I'm really liking the romance between Will and Alicia. It seems obvious by now that Peter is on to then and will not just let it go. Amazing episode.