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This week, Lisbon is accused of killing an infamous pedophile she arrested that was recently released on parole. Jane and the CBI team, naturally, get to work proving their colleague's innocence.

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Red Badge is one of my alltime favorite episodes of The Mentalist. Good story, awesome acting by Robin Tunney and great team moments!
I want more episodes focusing on Lisbon. She's such an interesting and complex character yet we know so little of her. I hope we'll learn more in upcoming seasons cause Robin deserves to shine with her performance.


I've just watched the episode rose coloured glasses last night. What a lot of drivel. How could one trat murder as a bunch of buffoons. The monket from an old episode would have done a better job. Baker looked old and tired, is he getting past his prime at 40? I hope I can see a regrouping soon into better writing or Heller needs to get some plot assistance.

The Mentalist Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Minelli: (talking about Lisbon) You're worried about her. You think she might do something stupid?
Jane: Suicide? No. If she did, she wouldn't blame the bureau.
Minelli: That's not my concern at all!

Dr. Carmen: What do you do for fun?
Lisbon: Fun?!
Dr. Carmen: That thing when you're not working.